My Dread Journey

Hello! My name is Jaden, + I started my dreadlocks in February 2017 using the twist+rip method (with the help of friends who also had dreads.)

I struggled to find anyone in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area who can help with maintenance on non-ethnic dreadlocks, so with research and practice, I learned how to properly maintain my dreads myself and love helping others with theirs.

In March 2019, I brushed my locs out (yes, it can be done!) It was time for a change, but I’ll probably get dreadlocks again.

I'd love to help you along your dread journey as well!

My Method

When creating dreadlocks or adding dreadlock extensions, I use the twist+rip/backcomb/crochet method.

For maintenance, I use the crochet method.

The only products I personally use and recommend to others are natural, residue-free dreadlock products such as Dollylocks Organic Products.

Please note:

– I am not a licensed cosmetologist. Everything I have learned is from research and working with my own dreads.
– I do not use wax or do dread perms.
– Ethnic hair is a lot different than non-ethnic hair, and all of my experience is with non-ethnic dreadlocks.

If you have any questions about my methods or what might be best for you, please contact me!