605 Dreads Spotlight: Amie

A note from Jaden of 605 Dreads – in this first spotlight post, you’ll meet my friend Amie. Amie and her husband Aaron are the ones who started me on my dreadlock journey. Amie already had dreadlocks when I met her, and is now on her second set which were installed by me.

Get to know her below!

Amie with her current set of dreadlocks.

Amie with her current set of dreadlocks.

Background on Amie + Jaden [605 Dreads]

I have known Jaden for awhile now, and she is so awesome. I would considered her one of my best friends. We first started out as just neighbors, but now we have both been through a lot of life together. She has totally enriched my life by introducing me to things I would have never found myself, like: crepes at MB Haskett, the Turner County Fair, AsOne Ministries, bierocks, and blackberry buttercream.

My husband and I put her set of dreads in and it was pretty cool to have her do my new set. I would recommend her to anybody getting their dreads worked on. She is a perfectionist (in a good way) and really easy to be around. It won’t be weird to have her touching your hair for hours, if you know what I mean.

Amie’s Dreadlock Journey

When I started my first set of dreads, I was 19 years old and just starting to transition into a period of “vanity detoxing,” for a lack of a better word.

I had never been satisfied with my hair. It is thin and doesn’t have a lot of body and that really used to bother me, especially in high school. It always made me feel inadequate, in that shallow sort of way. So my husband and I thought dreads would be a cool way to detach our hair from our appearance.

It was a way to have “ugly hair” and that you can’t do anything about it, other than learn to accept it. And of course, I liked the thought of it being so low maintenance.

Amie’s first set of dreads.

Amie’s first set of dreads.

I kept my dreads for just over two years and they actually started maturing really well. But I’ve always felt like I’ve wanted to experience a buzzed head at least once in my life. So I was pregnant and compulsive (apparently these things go together, so I hear) and one day we just cut them all off. It was such an amazing feeling. I loved having my hair that short, but as it grew out it got to be so much work.

The night Amie shaved her dreadlocks off!

The night Amie shaved her dreadlocks off!

So the next easy answer for me was dreads (again).

They just feel “right” for me. They are comfortable. I never have to think about my hair. It just is what it is. I always like to have my hair up in a bun and dreads just go up so nice.

The Second Time Around

This time is easier than when I first got them. Baby dreads are kind of funny looking, and the first time I was always just trying to hide them until they started maturing. They made me pretty self conscious. I was young and I felt like people had a way of judging me just because of my hair.

Now, I guess I am just more confident that I can have different hair and that it’s okay. So the whole process is way more relaxed now.

The first time, my husband and I put each others’ in. We did not really know much about dreads, other than a few Google searches and Youtube videos. Our biggest mistake was overlooking the importance of good and even sectioning. We had a few dreads that grew out very flat or kept combining all the time because of that.

The second time, with Jaden’s help, my sectioning is awesome and I haven’t had any of the problems I had with the first set.

Sectioning Amie’s second set of dreadlocks

Sectioning Amie’s second set of dreadlocks

Self-Discovery Through Dreadlocks

I have learned that we are so much more than our hair. Women have all of these crazy unrealistic standards of appearance that we feel obligated to obtain, but it is really a false expectation. The only person putting that standard in front of you is yourself.

So I guess I have found that you can have “hippie” hair and you don’t have to be a hippie. People will respect you, your husband will still love you, and you can have freedom from “the vanities of hair,” if that’s what you are looking to get away from.

Pros and Cons of Dreads

Hands down, the best part about having dreads is that you can quit sweeping up your hair off the bathroom floor all the time.

I could not believe the difference this made. When your hair is stuck within your own hair, it doesn’t fall off everywhere. I didn’t notice this until my husband cut his dreads off, and now literally, every day, I have to sweep up his hair off the floor. It drives me nuts because I feel like I am already trailing behind my two young kids with a broom all day long.

The worst part is the baby dread stage. It’s just awkward, but it goes by quickly. I also struggle with a dry scalp and sometimes the dreads make it hard to manage in the winter.

– Amie

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