How to Keep Your Dreadlocks and Scalp from Itching

Everyone’s scalp changes over time, depending on things like weather or hairstyle. Once November rolls around and Sioux Falls gets cold, I notice a huge difference in my scalp and have to battle dry and itchy skin – which can lead to dandruff in my dreads. 

This has always been the case for me in the winter, but because my dreads are well maintained at the roots, it can be more obvious than it was pre-dreads. 

Dollylocks refreshing spray

With dreadlocks, you’re not washing your hair daily and don’t have as many options for products to use to help your dry scalp. So how do you keep your scalp from itching?

Drink More Water

Many people don’t think of this as a first option, but a dry scalp can be a sign of dehydration. 

Drinking more water will help all of your skin be more hydrated and can help with overall dryness, especially in the winter.

Keep Your Dreadlocks Maintained

If you don’t maintain your roots on a regular basis, the new growth in between the dreads can matte into each other, which prohibits your scalp from being able to “breathe.” 

People with more mature dreads schedule maintenance with me every month or two, and those with newer dreads come in as frequently as every two weeks.

Personally, I do my own dread maintenance on a weekly basis after I wash my dreadlocks. 

In addition to regular maintenance, it also helps to separate them on your own by occasionally twisting them at the roots.

Use a Cooling Spray

Here are two great options:

Wash Your Hair Regularly

I’ve already talked all about this. Check it out here.

Don’t Freak Out

You’re not as gross as you think you are. 🙂 Whenever my scalp goes through a dry season, I always worry that it’s so noticeable, but really no one ever notices. 

Remember, everyone’s scalp is different, and it may take some trial and error to find what works best for you.

Dreadlocks in Sioux Falls

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